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Meet Celia Werner

Celia Werner specializes in image consulting and strategic content creation that uses 15+ years of varied media industry experience to help your brand grow. Celia has worked in online landscapes, news, broadcast/livestream, podcasting, corporate event and festival production, branded content, reality tv and has decided to specialize in corporate business and music content. She combines masterful storytelling, production craft and strategic insight to elevate your visibility and presence to it's highest potential. 


 Whether it is a branding and audience strategy overhaul, magnetic video and photo content, or promotional campaigns that convert, Celia's team nurtures your vision and goals from start to finish. With the experience of working with thousands of businesses across different industries, we can transform your rough ideas into powerful results. Celia brings both expertise and empowerment to every project, gently guiding you to self conscious to self confidence.  We can't wait to help you create your online glow up.

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  • Threads
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  • Youtube
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CWP specializes in:

  • Video Production

  • Music Video

  • Music Performance

  • "Reels" and "TikToks"

  • ​Event Production

  • Green Screen

  • Headshots

  • Photography

  • Branded Content

  • Livestreams


If you have a big idea, let's make it happen.

(631) 780-4774

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