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Authenticity. Empowerment.

Creative Consulting.

Celia Werner is an image enchantress & career alchemist, lovingly bringing your passionate creative vision to life.

Established 2013

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Celia Werner Productions places a brilliant spotlight on your unique gifts, telling your story in a way that helps you shine your brightest. 

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Have You Heard About Our Stevie Nicks Campaign?

We Called In The Team To Create Something Bigger Than Us

Late one night, Celia had an idea for an online campaign aimed at getting Stevie Nick's attention ahead of her February 14th show at UBS Arena. It involved both a horizontal and vertical music video as well as a promotional campaign of social media posts. She teamed up with Gina B. of Gina B's Women of Rock to also create the tribute music video but also use this as an opportunity to build the image for the tribute show. It was really important to Celia to have every member of this project to be able to shine and show off their talent in every step of production. Celia is a huge adovocate for independent artists and Long Island Music Community is an incredible pool of talent comprised of talented artists. She has done multiple projects to create opportunity for local artists over the past few years. 


In less than 2 weeks we assembled a team of highly talented musicians from our local community to arrange, record, master the medley and create a highly ambitious video that was shot on an Insta360 X3 to create a stage show feel for our online campaign. 

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